Tips to clean your kitchen

You Cook And Sometimes Eat In The Kitchen So It Needs To Be Cleaner Than Clean. 

The very best home cleaning ideas for your kitchen area are often the easiest. The kitchen area is the one location in your house that requires consistent attention. For health and safety reasons it is always best to choose the tested expert cleaning materials. Cleaning is the initial step and you can utilise either a spray or portable duster. Use expert cleansing products for oven cleaning, and surfaces and areas where you prepare meals.

As always, cleaning up regularly after yourself, or more likely your children will keep germs at bay. Keep a bacteria cleanser and paper towels handy on the worktop, avoid using reusable clothes as these can actual play host to many unwanted bacteria. And don’t dry the surface with a fabric kitchen towel, as you’ll no doubt dry your hands on it later and risk transferring bacteria to your hands. Use a paper towel instead.

Once in a while (every 3-6 months) it is good to do a deep clean of all your cupboards and counter tops and backs. This gets rid of grime and grease that transfers through the air from your cooking area. Needless to say, we specialise in deep cleans so give Snowdrop Services a call if your kitchen in the Edinburgh or East Lothians area is needing a little TLC