Post-Covid Office Cleaning Tips

With the country coming out of the lockdown in stages over the coming months, employers and employees will be going back into the workplace. Returning to the office environment will be anxious for some, to help make them feel safer and more comfortable here is Snowdrop Services top 5 tips for office cleaning post Covid.

  • Ensure there is hand sanitiser points at all entrances. Assign one person to clean all door handles, push plates etc throughout the day to help avoid any spreading of germs. This could be in addition to professional cleaning. 
  • Have a strict clear desk policy so that all desks can be given an anti-bacterial clean. The average desk has one of the highest bacteria levels in any office, so this is important. 
  • Provide the correct wipes for workers to clean their keyboards, desk phones and mobile phones on a regular basis. 
  • Ensure that all crockery, cups and cutlery are washed properly/put through the dishwasher to avoid any spreads of bacteria and illness. Where possible, employees should have their own individual cups. 
  • Ask staff to avoid public transport, if unavoidable, allow them to come in early/late to avoid busy times. 

Regular hand washing is still the best way to stop the spread of the disease as every time you touch a phone, touch your keyboard, touch a mouse – you are effectively spreading germs. If you consider the number of communal items and areas that you encounter every day, from phones to door handles, kitchens and kettles and the number of people besides yourself who also encounter them – the risk for germ transfer and bacteria build up is phenomenal. The Covid-19 virus can survive on surfaces for up to 3 days, which makes regular cleaning and proper workplace hygiene vital.

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