Office Cleaning: Are City Centre Office Blocks Dead?

Home Working v Office Working = Serviced Office

Experts have said that the days of working in a large city centre office are gone. With many of these office blocks still closed due to COVID-19, many workers have no option but to work from home. Whatever your working situation, office cleaning or cleaning at home is more important than ever. Whether you are working from home or you are back in the office it is important to have a regular cleaning regime. 

If you’re working from home, you will know there are pro’s and con’s. We have noted a couple of these below and look at why a serviced office could be the the solution for many. 

Much has been said about the benefits of working from home, with a main benefit being no commute time. Saving time and money not travelling to the office. This extra time can help workers live healthier and happier lives by spending it on a number of things such as sleep, exercising, spending time with family and cooking homemade meals. 

However, the downsides have also been well documented such as increased isolation, especially amongst those living alone. This could lead to mental health concerns, especially in winter when it’s cold and dark and they may not meet another person all day. Another vital downside is reduced work efficiency, this could be for a number of reasons. Cramped workspace, especially if there are several people working from home in the same property. Having too many distractions can at home can make you lose focus such as children, pets, housework and TV. 

What if you wanted to have all the benefits of working in an office environment, but without the commute to the office? The answer could be a local serviced office. 

Why is Serviced Offices the Solution?

– Location. We mentioned in the introduction, saving time on a commute can allow workers to lead healthier lives. Working from a serviced office located closer to your home will cut down on the commute time. These offices are located both in the city centres and surrounding areas, so there is bound to be one close to you. This will also mean little or no time on public transport. 

– Productivity & Social. A serviced office offers that backdrop of other people working and being productive that helps you focus and procrastinate a lot less without all the aforementioned distractions of working from home. The added benefit of co-working spaces is that there is people to talk to (from a safe distance) which cuts down on those isolation problems which can help to counteract mental health problems. 

– Cost Saving & Flexibility. During these uncertain times, the last thing your business wants to do is sign a long-term expensive lease on office space and buy office furniture which can also be expensive. Serviced offices offer short-term leases that are ideal if you want to try it out or even split working from home and working in an office.  

Serviced offices used to be just for the free-lancers or micro-businesses, however, they may now be a viable option for large businesses where they don’t want to have the big, expensive city centre office blocks and the employees don’t/can’t work from home. The employees could go to a serviced office close to them and have a co-working desk or share an office.

Snowdrop Services have a co-working desk at a serviced office in Leith called Foxglove. We can highly recommend it!  

Office Cleaning in Serviced Offices 

Now all of this is only viable if the serviced offices are COVID safe with hand sanitizer, social distancing and screens etc. These offices also need regular, documented office cleaning. This covers all of the communal spaces such as toilets and kitchens, co-working/hot-desk areas and individual offices. Here at Snowdrop Services, we can help!!

If you would like to speak to us about regular serviced office cleaning or a deep clean of your office, please get in touch via our contact form or call us at 0131 653 6926.