Dogs In The Office

Should Dogs Be Allowed In The Office?

At Snowdrop Services, we think it’s a great idea if offices can have a dog-friendly policy! Below we have selected the top 5 benefits: 

– Reduced Stress. Having a dog in the office can, simply, make people happier. If you are stressed out, having a friendly dog in the office can help drastically. Whether it’s a quick pet, a couple of minutes playing or even taking the dog for a quick walk. Anything that helps people’s mental health is got to be a winner!
– Active lifestyle. If you have your dog in work, you are forced to take the dog a walk a couple of times a day. This is great for your health as you are out walking and getting fresh air whilst having fun with your dog. You may even find that co-workers will want to take the dog a walk so you are helping the whole team! 
– Friendlier workplace. Having an office dog can help generate a friendlier workplace. You may find yourself stopping to pet a dog and being able to have a bit of conversation with the owner. This helps you get to know more people and potentially learn about other parts of the business. 
– Increased productivity. Offices that are happier, more active and have better staff morale will see an increase in productivity. If you take a couple of minutes to play with your dog when you are stressed or have a mental block, when you go back to your work you will have better focus. 
– Attract a bigger pool of candidates. Having a happy and friendly workforce can be an important factor to potential recruits, and we have mentioned above how an office dog can do just that. Also, being allowed to bring their dog to work can be a massive perk for some people, especially millennials. It not only allows them to be with a member of their family all day but will save them money on dog walkers. 

Some Simple Puppy Rules

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder some of the top companies around the world are dog friendly offices, such as Amazon and Nestle. However, we couldn’t just have dogs running riot and causing chaos, so here are some simple rules to keep it professional: 
– Dogs would need to be well behaved and friendly. Aggressive dogs would not be allowed in the office. 
– For obvious reasons, dogs would need to be house trained.
– Dogs should be well groomed and bathed if needed.
– You could offer a probation period to see if individual dogs pass these criteria and even offer a certificate at the end. 
– Dog free zones, such as some meeting rooms and eating areas.
– Beds should be washed weekly to prevent odours.

Snowdrop Services can help keep your office clean on a regular basis, whether you choose to have a dog friendly office or not! We use HEPA filters in our vacuum cleaners which helps keep allergens at bay such as dust and pet hair. 
If you would like to speak to us about regular office cleaning or a deep clean of your office before the staff return to work, please get in touch via email at or call at 0131 653 6926