Business Networking

Here at Snowdrop Services we are happily renewing our BNI Nouveau membership in March for the 5th year. BNI is a group of local businesses that meet each week to develop relationships with one another with the view of passing business within the room. 

BNI’s ethics of quality, honesty and building of relationships echo our own. Building relationships with clients is vital to achieving long-term work and this is no different within our BNI group or ‘chapter’. When we get to know each other personally and their business, it is easier to find business for the other members of the group. If you give business to someone in the group, the group will want to find business for you, hence the phrase of ‘Givers Gain.’ 

In our chapter we consistently pass over £1m annually to each other between around 30 members. One of the reasons this is possible is that each business is of high quality. Nobody would be happy to recommend a poor or average company to friends, family or most importantly clients. In fact, as a business we have used many members over the years to help maintain and grow our business. Most recently Alan Corrie at Images Above for his photography for our new website, Leon Wilkes at Fearless for building and maintaining our new website, Ian Kidd at Kidd Insurance Services for our business insurance and Graham Kelley at Rowanbank Financial Consultants for our financial planning. 

For us the main benefit of BNI is business generated. Whether this is from current members within the group, members from other groups or previous members that still use us for their office cleaning. Another less spoken about benefit of BNI is the advice and support that you receive, there are around 30 other businesses in the room that you get to know that all have different knowledge and experience. 

If you are a business owner with a desire to grow your business with a room full of high quality and friendly businesses, feel free to give me an email at or find out more from the BNI website or check out our Facebook page