Benefits of Commercial Stair Cleaning in Factor Developments

Pro-Active Factor Development and Communal Stair Cleaning 

Large flat developments are becoming more and more popular, both in areas of regeneration and in popular areas where there is the chance of undeveloped and redeveloped land. With such big buildings and so many residents/tenants, choosing a good factor company is essential. A factor company will keep the buildings in good condition whilst planning for the future. They will arrange for surveys, contractors quotes and for communal stair cleaning. 
These developments need regular cleaning and maintenance to stop them from being run down. This can happen quickly if enough residents/tenants don’t care about the overall property or if there is a high renter to owner ratio. This is where appointing the right company for the cleaning of these communal areas is essential. In Edinburgh and East Lothian, Snowdrop Services can help!! 

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Benefits of a good pro-active factor development cleaning company:

– A good cleaning company will clean the communal stair areas properly! It might sound simple but not every company does this. Therefore, choosing a reputable and professional company is key! Cleaning the stair areas properly every visit will keep the building looking and smelling clean. This will help instil a sense of pride and residents and tenants will try and keep the stairs looking their best. Additionally, in this new age of virus’s, it will give residents and tenants the confidence that the high-touch areas get cleaned properly on a regular basis.  
– Providing timely feedback directly to the factor company on repairs, issues or suggestions on the communal areas can make a huge difference to the communal areas. Whether too many items are being left in the stairs (fire hazard), the walls have been damaged with someone moving furniture and need repainted or the carpet is overdue a proper carpet clean. These issues and suggestions can help keep the building looking its best instead of waiting for a complaints. 
If a good cleaning company is appointed, they can make sure that all of the above happens in a timely manner. This helps to save money over the long run and will do its part to look after property prices, as there is nothing worse than going to view a property and the communal stair areas are dingy and a mess. 
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