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Hacking and Paterson – Factor Cleaning


Hacking and Paterson


February 2019 – Present


Factor Cleaning


Salamander Court, Leith

The communal area cleaning service that we provide can be uniquely designed to suit the needs of our client. We ensure the highest standards of hygiene are maintained throughout the property. Snowdrop Services Group places the same level of detail on every job we complete, from cleaning programmes to maintenance and upkeep of your common areas.Salamander Court in Leith is property managed by Hacking and Paterson and another property we look after for them.

We supply the factor cleaning for the communal areas at this modern development in Leith. We took over the contract to clean this development in February 2019 to provide regular factor cleaning to all communal areas. Our first task was to arrange for all the communal areas to have a one-off deep clean. That included cleaning the carpeted stairs and hallways thoroughly throughout. Read more about our deep clean services we offer.

The main duties we perform include: vacuuming the communal stairs and hall-ways, dusting and cleaning all balustrades, skirting boards, step trims and any other wood-work. Polishing of glass panels on communal doors. Cleaning of the lift car including the mirrors and vacuuming and mopping the floor. Periodically we clean the internal light coverings and any carpet cleaning as necessary. At the end of each clean we spray our surface and air deodoriser eliminating any odours and leaving a pleasant smell. Our team are pro-active in fault finding and reporting. We regularly feedback to the client about bulky items being dumped, large stains/marks on the communal carpets and any lighting issues in the communal areas. This allows the client to arrange the necessary works earlier and avoid complaints from tenants and owners.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in a tailor communal area cleaning package.