Case Study





March 2017 – Present


Office Cleaning


Rose Street, Edinburgh

BoConcept is a Danish retail furniture chain with more that 265 stores around the world. They have stores in over 60 countries, 2 in Scotland one in Glasgow and the other in Edinburgh. The Home-furniture showroom on Rose Street, Edinburgh offers up contemporary metal, glass & upholstered pieces. BoConcept has a reputation for quality, their showroom on Rose Street, Edinburgh also has to look the part and maintain an excellent level of cleanness. Back in 2016 BoConcept opened its Rose Street store. It was imperative that with they worked with an experienced Edinburgh based professional retail cleaning company. No surprises that they picked Snowdrop Services as their chosen retail cleaner.

We have worked with BoConcept since it opened and still continually offer excellent retail cleaning for them. This high-end furniture store needs to be constantly in show-home condition, requiring us to be on-site 6 days a week and before the store opens.

For this company we have a varied range of duties. We split between the shop floor displays and the office and staff workstations.

On the shop floor we keep the displays in showroom condition with daily dusting all tables, lamps and other surfaces with micro-fibre dry cloths. We polish the glass tables and mirrors, ensuring there are no finger marks. The customer and staff toilets are thoroughly cleaned daily. Ensuring that the consumables such as the toilet paper is constantly topped up. We ensure that the floors are cleaned to a high standard due to the levels of footfall that the client receives.

When cleaning the staff work stations and office spaces, our main duties include: dry cleaning all screens with dry microfibre cloths, cleaning the desks and other surfaces, cleaning the coffee area and emptying the bins and recycling.